Marathon Motor Works was an automobile manufacturer that was based in Nashville,Tennessee. The company manufactured the Marathon automobile from 1907-1914. There are only said to be 9 of the Marathon automobiles left in existence. 4 of those are owned by the former owners of the Marathon building. The company was originally called Southern Motor Works. Later the name was changed to Marathon Motor Works. The Marathon Works building now houses numerous businesses. One of those businesses is Antique Archaeology. This is the business that is the center of the TV reality show American Pickers. Screened Threads is also located in the Marathon Motor Works building. This business is a full service screen printing business. All of their jobs are fully customizable to fit your companies needs.

There is a really cool shop called Brown Dog Market. This is a father/daughter business. They offer creations by several local artist. The website for Brown Dog Market is . This is a very unique store with many unique item. Here is a selection of the skateboard jewelry that is offered at Brown Dog Market. There are 2 different companites and . This jewelry is made by High Strung. The jewelry is made from guitar strings.

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Forward is a post production company in the Nashville area based out of the Marathon Motor Works building. The office that Forward resides in was designed from a client’s perspective by award winning director Shaun Silva with the assistance of Nashville based architect Chris Gill . With iQ, Pablo, Avid and Final Cut systems built from the ground up to communicate through an unmatched Quantel gene pool and SAN, our workflow is the best in the region and this fact can not be disputed. With two uniquely designed suites powered by Quantel’s iQ and Pablo color corrector, three dual purpose Avid and Final Cut offline suites and an edit-capable floating glass conference room, we are raising the bar for your post production needs.(This description was taken straight from Forward’s website for complete accuracy) To learn more about this amazing company please go and check out their website at This is the amazing edit-capable floating glass conference room. Here are a few more pictures from inside of Marathon Motor Works building. Make sure to check back for our next blog where we will take you to the famous Loveless Cafe. You don’t want to miss it.

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