The last 2 nights have been so amazing. Getting to spend time ring side photographing the amazing bull riders of the PBR was a dream come true. If you have never been to watch these amazing athlete’s you need to go. You will not regret it!!

It is so amazing to watch how these bull riders get on these massive bulls and give it all they have for 8 seconds. I will have to say that the ride is not over once the buzzer sounds. These bull riders still have to safely dismount this bull and exit the arena safely. Luckily for these bull riders they have help in the arena the amazing Dickies Bullfighters. The bull riders depend on the bullfighters to help them to safety if the bull does not want to leave the arena peacefully.

There is another important person in the arena…the entertainer. Currently Mr. Flint Rasmussen is that man. Mr. Rasmussen has been the official entertainer of the PBR since 1998. His job is to keep the crowd entertained when there is a lull in the action and during commercial breaks. Prior to working exclusive with the PBR Mr.Rasmussen was the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo barrel man & PRCA Rodeo Clown of the Year…8 times. You never know where he is gonna show up in the arena or what he is gonna do next. He adds so much to the PBR event. It would not be the same without him in the show.

Let me close by saying these bull riders are some of the most talented athletes and so amazing to watch. They can definitely leave you on the edge of your seat and breathless. Good luck with the rest of the season gentleman. Can’t wait to have you back in Nashville in 2017.